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Why I Am Different

If you were to just meet me this is what I would say to you…

“My firm is called “Wealth Wise of the Carolinas” and we provide sound strategies for total wealth management. The phrase “total wealth management”,a bit redundant maybe, but states that we comprehensively look at ALL the wealth management issues one confronts in life. Most other advisors might look fragmentally at just the areas they specialize or are comfortable with, but we look at everything and provide a total wealth management plan. I might describe it as looking under every rock for any hidden surprises that would affect your financial future or that of your family.

I provide these services in what I would like to think of as a unique way. I use a disciplined approach that highlights what our research shows are 13 wealth management issues that anyone in your position should address. By being so disciplined even turning over a small rock among many, can uncover an issue of yours that could be of great importance now or later on.

I am supported by the resources of my broker/dealer, which allows me to provide this high level of service. I supplement this by some outside alliances in town that further allow me to provide the best advice and support one could need in providing these financial services. Among other specialized tools and programs that I consistently use,  I make every effort at all times to crusade against and avoid mediocrity in financial advice and products.

I provide these services in a highly personalized way. I attend to these matters with the utmost discretion. If you call me and I don’t immediately answer I will make every attempt to return your call within the hour or if you yourself become unavailable then at least by the end of the day. If you choose to work with me, I will submit an action plan and a communication plan with you so you know exactly what you can expect from me, and at the same time holding me to what I believe you will find is the highest standard of support at the outset. It is my hope to help you attend to your most pressing financial issues in a way that will solve them, and in a timely and successful manner.”